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Penis-pop - Kanamara Matsuri - “Festival of the Steel Phallus” (かなまら祭り)

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Kanamara Matsuri - “Festival of the Steel Phallus” (かなまら祭り)

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Deerstalkpictures made my day when they uploaded this -> Kill La Kill - Nudist Beach 

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[Thank you for the last submission! I wanted to share another article, but realized you can’t send links in asks…]

This meal in the photo is from when I visited my grandparents in Hyogo-ken. There’s tempura, miso-shiru, konyaku with some miso “sauce”, etc. Delicious food, as mentioned in the link below. Oshibori (the yellow hand towel towards the top) that is given to clean your hands, part of customer service, which is also mentioned.
10 Things Japan Gets Incredibly Right

I would have also added their sense of aesthetics/beauty (especially in terms of “wa”) and sense of omoiari (act of thinking about others (and acting upon them)) and omotenashi (as advertised for Tokyo Olympics, the heart of Japanese hospitality). Both things can get overboard, but they’re still wonderful teachings.

Thank you!

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@hoshino_lily: 坂道くんさん。

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Translated a few notes on Levi’s mug from Shingeki no Kyojin: OUTSIDE Kou. 

*Air intakes (エアインテーク) were a new concept to me; they’re where the bangs stick up slightly from the hairline before gravity pulls the rest of the hair down, supposedly making them look like air vents. (Examples here.)

**Small faces (小顔) are generally considered an attractive feature in Japan, both for men and women nowadays.

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Check out the full size image on my dA account - neptunyan.deviantart.com !

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Cowboy Bebop OP
by Seatbelts
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Bikini Bottom just got real..

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Supanova Gold Coast 2014 Cosplay & Fashion Highlights Part 2 {x}

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'Space Brothers' Film Reveals Visual, Plot Outline


'Space Brothers' Film Reveals Visual, Plot Outline

Space Brothers Film Key VisualWith ticket presales about to hit in Japan for the August 9th, 2014 debut of the Space Brothers Number Zero film, the official site updated this week with a new key visual for the work. The piece was created by the original creator, Chuya Koyama, who spent time working on the script for the film that caused the manga to take a bit of a hiatus previously. With the film working on the past a good bit here with what it wants to accomplish, it also revealed that Brian Jay was going to be an integral part of the storyline, which will definitely make fans happy since it’ll touch upon the Eddie and Brian story that became important during the final episodes of the TV series that recently ended.

Plot concept: The film will explore the theme of bereavement and how people recover after losing a loved one, and how friends can support each other during this time of need. Hibito is confused as to why Brian Jay chose him, a rookie astronaut, to be his backup, and voices his worries that he isn’t talented enough to fulfill such a role. Brian then leaves Hibito with the response: “You need to experience this tough and fun chance to your heart’s content” before he goes to the moon. Then the tragic CES-43 accident ensures that the two will never meet again. After the accident, NASA begins to reconsider manned space missions.

[Source: ANN]

Check out the full article by Chris Beveridge at